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Web Brain Infotech is a professional Penguin recovery company in India. We have successfully served a number of clients whose websites had got impacted by Google penguin update. We take a holistic approach when it comes to helping a website from recovering Penguin updates. We go through every single link pointing to the website and then figure out which links are causing the problem.

Once all problematic links are identified, we try to remove those links by contacting the webmasters of those websites. We also use Disavow Tools to upload those links that we fail to remove even after contacting the webmaster multiple times. However, unlike other SEO companies, we don’t remove all the links randomly because that would have a negative impact on the visibility of the website. Rather our team of experienced SEO professionals analyzes each link carefully before flagging them as spam.

Well, there have been instances wherein companies have bounced back to their original ratings after being slashed by Penguin. There have been instances of no recovery too, but taking corrective measures and staying aboard during the crisis is the key to recovery. Naturally, the first thought that comes to mind is to get rid of the unnatural links because that is the reason you are being slashed in the first place. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Firstly, the internet footprint is extremely hard to erase. There is no 100% certainty that every mark of your connection with a link will be completely erased. It always comes back to haunt you. The only way to be completely sure of its removal is to disavow from the link. Although this is easy to do, it certainly comes with its own set of repercussions. While disavowing your site from the unnatural ones which do not get you any public outreach and traffic, you end up losing the sites which get you the necessary traffic and grabs public eyeballs. This is the major reason why sites face such damage from the Penguin Penalty.

Secondly, just taking up this corrective action is rarely enough. It removes you from Penguin’s radar, but it also removes the public quotient from your website, which in a way is the lifeline of your business.  However, removing the unnatural links is equally important. What should be done in this situation? Nothing will work in the first place without detoxicating the site.

The key to come out of this vicious circle is to create natural and reliable links to your website. Remember, ten reliable sites are much better than thousand spammed ones. Be linked to the sites that truly get readers and users back to you.  With patience and ultimate content of your links, readers are bound to return. Creates content which awes and inspires the public. Use the lesser known but extremely reliable data.

Another way to attract your readers is to get inspirational and influential people write for you. This will automatically get their followers to your page and also because they have written the content, in all certainty they will want to promote it further. So create links and develop strong contacts to influence people in your direction.

Another way to create strong online presence and develop it into a reliable reputation is by participating on various blogs and discussions. Voice your opinion and participate smartly in these discussions. These threads have the power of reviving your company right up without you even realizing about it. However, after doing the blog participation can equally take away the attention you want from your public.

It’s been often quoted, “any publicity is good publicity.” Without entering a debate on this topic, this quote essentially throws light upon the importance of public relations. Try to get publicity through out of the box ideas. This displays your creativity and creates a reputation. Mystery and comedy are always the right way. However, like everything else, if not handled properly, it can create blunders. Moreover, trust us, that publicity will not be good publicity.

Do not use pointless and senseless anchor texts on your websites. As they are difficult to keep a track of, you never know when one of those will connect to a spammed site and you’ll get slashed again. The last thing you want is to get the unwanted Penguin attention.

Check and keep updated about the Penguin updates. Try to update your website before it so as to know if your efforts are bearing any fruits.

Lastly, keep patience. There is no magic wand that will revive you. As the slashing happened after a long time, the revival is going to take longer. Be prepared, and prepare the site to stay in the game for the long haul rather than short-term gains. Only then are you completely secure from any future Penguins and Pandas that Google might launch?

Google Penguin Recovery Company India

The days of building tons of links and seeing massive ranking improvement on the SERP are long gone. We are living in the Penguin era where every single link is analyzed by a Google search bot and if it figures out any anomaly in the backlink profile of a website, the website in question can get penalized. Penguin can bring down a website to its knees by devastating its search presence.

Now, if your previous SEO Company has built tons of links without caring little for their quality, you need to opt for our Google Penguin Recovery Services. Our Penguin recovery services are specifically designed to help websites recover from both manual Google penguin update and algorithmic updates.

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