PPC Packages

PPC Packages, PPC Services Packages and PPC Pricing Packages

PPC (Pay-per-click) packages refer to the different sets of services and features offered by digital marketing agencies to help businesses and organizations maximize their online advertising budgets and achieve their desired results. Depending on your specific business needs and goals, there are different types of PPC services packages and pricing packages available in the market. These packages can vary in terms of the level of support and expertise provided, the number of ad campaigns managed, the platforms and channels used, and other features like optimization and reporting.

Whether you are new to PPC advertising or are looking to scale your existing campaigns, it is essential to research and compare different PPC packages, services, and pricing options to find the best fit for your business. By doing so, you can ensure that you are getting the most value for your investment and that you are working with a reliable and experienced partner in your online marketing efforts.

PPC Packages, PPC Services Packages and PPC Pricing Packages

Key FeaturesBRONZESILVERGOLD Most Popular
No. of Keyword50100200+
Ad BudgetsUpto Rs 1,50,000 per MonthUpto Rs 3,00,000 per MonthUpto 5,00,000 per Month
Price IN INR25k/Month or 15% of AdWords spent,
whichever is higher
50k/Month or 15% of AdWords spent,
whichever is higher
80k/Month or 12% of AdWords spent,
whichever is higher
Website Analysisyesyesyes
Keyword Research & yesyesyes
Major Keywords Targetyesyesyes
Account Setupyesyesyes
Quality Ad Text Writingyesyesyes
Competitor’s Analysisyesyesyes
Conversion Trackingyesyesyes
Bid Managementyesyesyes
Bi-Weekly Reportyesyesyes
Monthly Reportyesyesyes
ROI Calculationsyesyesyes
Campaign Optimizationyesyesyes
Email Supportyesyesyes
Telephonic Supportyesyesyes
Gmail Ads  yes
A/B Testing yesyes

PPC Packages Pricing and Plan, PPC Packages in Delhi

DMA SEO Company is Delhi based company offering you result oriented Pay-Per-Click Services at an affordable price, a true value for money service. PPC packages are custom created to suit your business needs. The process for doing so is to start by accumulating all the necessary information to create a success plan for your business. This part is called Research. After that, all the information collected is laid out on the table to choose from for the best PPC package. It is then drafted onto paper for approval. A few alternative plans are included in the PPC Package as a backup plan. This process for creating the best PPC package is the most reliable and accepted throughout the industry and market. Our PPC packages enable you to achieve more from your business. Different businesses have different requirements from their websites. Some want to make it very presentable while others want it to bring more and more leads for them. Offering PPC Packages to suit everyone’s needs along with proven online marketing strategy, we can help you greatly increase your online reach bringing you more business and become a brand! Contact us now for more details.

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