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Writing good page titles is an essential skill for anyone doing SEO. Why? Because the title tag is the first thing a user sees in search results, and it’s also one of the most important factors that Google uses to determine the topic of a page. This makes titles essential to SEO, and this article covers both why you need great page titles and how to create them.

What’s the (SEO) purpose of a page title?

The purpose of your SEO title is to make people click on it, come to your website and read your post or buy your product. If your title is not good enough, people will ignore it and move on to other results. So, there are two goals that a good title must achieve:

  1. it must help you rank for a keyword;
  2. it must make the user want to click through to your page.

Google uses the CTR (click-through rate) when deciding how relevant you are for a specific keyword. Even if you’re initially ranking well, but nobody is clicking on your result, your rankings might deteriorate over time. The opposite is also true. At first, you may be positioned lower in the search results. But, if your title gets people to click on it, Google will notice. Consequently, over time, your rankings may improve. So, in the long run, the page title has a direct influence on your ranking.

Now that you know about the importance of SEO titles, you’ll be pleased to know that Advance SEO can help you craft them. In its SEO analysis, the plugin checks two crucial aspects of the SEO title: the width of your title, and whether you use your keyword.

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