YouTube to start adding 30-second non-skippable ads? Here is what we know

Google has announced in a blog post that it will start adding very long ads to YouTube videos that people watch on Smart TVs. The business will include one 30-second unskippable ad on the videos. Currently, depending on the material being seen, YouTube displays two 15-second commercials on a video with a skip button.

It should be noted that the new ad policy only applies to US market viewers of YouTube Select content. When the same will be done in other markets is not confirmed. If the plan is successful for the business, it may also propose a similar policy for India.

The business also stated that Google is bringing a new “Pause ads” idea to YouTube for Smart TVs in the blog post. When a TV video is paused, this feature will essentially pop up advertisements. Up until you play the movie again, Google will display an advertisement as the video on the screen gets smaller.

Even if you don’t get to view a 30-second advertisement in India, you will still encounter 15-second advertisements, which can occasionally be grating. So, how can you avoid those YouTube ads? Let’s see: 

Well, at the moment, the only option to bypass lengthy advertisements on YouTube TV is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. But, there is no harm in that and you don’t have to pay much. The good thing is, you get a lot of benefits for the little price you pay for the membership. In the US, a monthly membership to YouTube Premium costs $11.9, whereas in India it costs Rs 129.

In related news, YouTube aims to prohibit ad-blockers, which limit the company’s advertising revenue and reduce creators’ earnings. 

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